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Originally Posted by VOLLEY KING View Post
It depends on your playing style.

The 133 is really a good racquet for some people.

First of all it's 29 inches. It makes a difference. If you have slowed down a bit you will be able to get to more balls In singles play. Plus the huge head size is a big help.

For volleys and returns and chip and charge this racquet is just lethal. I have never seen anything quite like it. Your doubles partner will engrave a statue in your honor.

If your big on hitting topspin from the baseline this is not the stick. But of your a pusher this is a dream stick. Your "pushes" will become powerful and you will get to everything .

Now serves are where it gets a bit tricky. I have a really big serve and I like to hit the crap out of the ball. This racquet is just way to powerful. Having said that with just a moderate swing I'm able to generate some pretty decent controlled power and then volley almost anything with this baby. Hell I feel like I could serve underhanded and still put away a good volley with it

The es 116 is similar jut a bit shorter and allows you to have more of a swing. The Pro 116 is a players stick and allows for a full swing . So there are two 116's you should be aware of.

But the bottom line is that all three sticks are meant for moderate to slow swings. The racquet does all the work. The bigger the Vortex the more work it will do for you.

Don't count out the 133 it's a special stick. I really loved it....of it were not for the serves I would use it.
Couple of updates: first, I bid on and won JoeSh's Vortex racket (10, so it should be arriving soon. Second, the Pro 116 must be a new racket from Vortex, as I don't remember seeing it on their website previously, and what is now shown on the website says "Product specs will soon be available for you". Third, I ordered an ES116 for demo purposes, got a call from Lori saying that the racket is back ordered, won't be available for a couple of weeks. I'm thinking that I might give her a call, switch my order to a 133, see how I like it.
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