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Originally Posted by Hitman99 View Post
Couple of updates: first, I bid on and won JoeSh's Vortex racket (10, so it should be arriving soon. Second, the Pro 116 must be a new racket from Vortex, as I don't remember seeing it on their website previously, and what is now shown on the website says "Product specs will soon be available for you". Third, I ordered an ES116 for demo purposes, got a call from Lori saying that the racket is back ordered, won't be available for a couple of weeks. I'm thinking that I might give her a call, switch my order to a 133, see how I like it.
Small family owned company so don't be to hard on them.

I love my sticks and can't part with them but if you could figure out a way I'd lend it to you.

I definitely think you will love the 133. I actually chose the 133 over the 116.....I used the 133 for quite a while.

It was an incredibly hard decision. The 116 is a bit more maneuverable and is more of a players stick. It's a lot better on serves as well. It's a tough call.

But the 133 is better in some other very important departments. First of all for singles you now can get to balls you never could reach. And I've lost a bit of speed over the years.

For return of big serves its unbeatable. You can return anything and with power.

For serve and volley it's amazing . In doubles at the net it's just hard to beat. And when serving and coming in I was able to reach and get to balls I never could before.

If you can get over the funny's a great choice. They are both great sticks and it's hard to choose.....very hard.
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