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Originally Posted by Hitman99 View Post
Checked this out on their website. What is the difference between the two grips? I've read the descriptions, can't really tell them apart. Do they both have the sorbothane cushioning?

That's a blue piece of rubber . The second picture is just the gripped wrapped over the rubber. The first picture is what is under the grip.

But I actually lik using mounting tape better. I wasn't being cheap....I actually like it better.

You cut the rubber or the mounting tape ( I uses 5 pieces on top of each other) , to custom fit your hand

Seems silly right? Try it won't believe the incredible difference it will make.....far more than the racquet or the strings .

I'm not saying you will like it but you will see a huge difference immediately....and there is quite a bit of a learning curve to deal with it.

It's weird that a grip would make such a difference .....but it really does. An UNBELIEVEABLY BIG difference . That a 100 percent guarantee that you will see it in the very first ball you hit.
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