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No, I was covering lessons for someone at a club and used theirs. It was a poorly maintained Gamma 7500 els. Overall, not a pleasant experience (mostly due to the poor maintenance).

If you're looking for a machine, I'm going to say buyer beware if you're thinking of getting an eagnas. There are a few good things and a few bad things:

-Dirt cheap in comparison
-Great 6 point mounting system
-Sturdy build (heavy as hell)

-TERRIBLE customer service
-Beware of their electric machines
-Heavy as hell
- You get what you pay for

The lock-out I have has served me well over the years but what recently really turned me off was their customer service. If you do decide to go for an Eagnas machine, I'd say stick to mechanical. You can't really screw up parts too badly and should your lock-out ever be stringing at the wrong tension, you can calibrate it yourself.
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