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The blackburne ( 97 & 107)

Roscoe tanner using the blackburne at Wimbledon


Yes they are legal!!

They are double strung but sperately. You can string the backhand different than the forehand or use different strings.

There is no edge so what this does is:

1- no mishits . Everything is a sweet spot . Very helpful on return of serves and volleys.

2- you can use extreme grips and never worry about a mishit

3 ball stays on the face of the racquet longer . Same concept as a ping pong paddle.

4.  3 dimensional and more stable than conventional racquets

5. Head heavy and packs a huge punch.

6. Ball comes off the racquet quicker because on a regular frame the string are further back

So why Am I not using it?? Stringing is a nightmare. Even if you find someone to do it it's very expensive .you have to pay double and more than that to get someone to string it.


97  10/10
107  8/10

Absolute BOMBS. Forget Babolat ! These are light as a feather . Like nine ounces . But because of the double head they are the most head heavy racquets ever made. They are hammers.

All you have to do is aim downwards and you are hitting a bomb flat serve That has to be seen to be believed

The 107 is a bit less maneuverable though.


97- 9/10
107. 5/10

No mishits . Returns at your feet even are volleyed for winners . 

The 107 is just to bulky at the net.

Return of serve

97-  10/10
107 - 8/0

Amazing. No mishits everything is returned with power

107 again a bit less maneuverable.


97  6/10
107  7/10

Not a great slicing racquet. Way to thick . The 107 was slightly better because you get more power


97  8/10
107 10/10

The 107 has huge topspin even for me. Amazing! The 97 Is also very good.


97  9/10
107 9/10

Pinpoint accuracy and a LOT o power.

Drop shots

97 8/10
107 7/10

Great touch and control. Both worked great.

Arm friendliness

So much more stable than a rwgir racquet . The 3d design is just so much more stable. No twisting .


Great racquet. One of the best that I have ever tried. But the stringing situation is just way to much to deal with.

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