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Originally Posted by Larrysümmers View Post
what exactly about stringing is hard? is it just that there's 2 string beds, or is it unbelievably difficult. the only thing i could see being a pain is weaving the crosses on the "2nd" string bed
Well I don't know how to string.

I brought it to Roman Prokes and he said "no way". I said I would pay extra and he still said NO.

The only guy who would string it is woody at grand slam. And he does it himself and won't allow anyone else. He is pretty fair and just charges double ....two sides is two racquets .

He says there are two things that causes problems. First you have to be careful because when you string one side then go to the other the racquet will warp of not done correctly .

Then when you have one side strung it hard to do the other because you can't fit your fingers through.

I know what he means because putting a worm dampener through it , then it takes like 20 minutes . It's a pain.

You have to use a spoon .
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