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Originally Posted by Hitman99 View Post
LOL! WHERE do you find all this stuff? Incredible. Gyro Gearloose would be proud.
Embarrassing isn't it? It's an addiction .

I just love new ways to look at things in general. Im a bit of a

The thing about tennis as you said its so conservative. There's only one way to hot a ball, one type of racquet to use bla bla bla.

But if you look at some of the greatest players in our sport they all changed the way the game was played and did something different against the grain :

Roddick got the form of his serve from fooling around playing baseball with a racquet

Tanner got it from trying to hit leaves off trees.

Borg would not listen to his teachers and hit with an open stance

Lendl ran around his backhnd to hit a forehand

McEnroe does everything wrong from his crazy serve motion to his ugly groundstrokes

But I find even many people on this board just follow the crowd like sheep.

Let's not forget that Columbus said the world was round. Usually the minority is right.....because there are very few smart people but a lot of dumb ones.
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