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Originally Posted by Fearsome Forehand View Post

How many pairs of shoes does your wife own? Might be a good way to deflect her argument.
Let us know how that works out for you!

Fortunately, DW 'gave' me the large 'wreck' room and I have ~85 rackets displayed on the wall(depending on the day). I have another 50 or so in boxes and THOSE are the ones I need to find a use for. Each displayed racket has a bit of a personal story(or some memory for me from when the model was current) and I'm not adding just to add, if you know what I mean. Do I need SIX Wilson T-series sticks? Nah. 10 OPS various model Yonex rackets? Nope. I could certainly cull and create some more space or just 'lighten the load' a bit. No need at this time. We'll see what spring holds!
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