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Originally Posted by maggmaster View Post
That is some serious dedication. Did he make it?
He turned 15 last July and decided he could not keep up the schedule during the school year. As you can see it pretty much eliminates everything except school and tennis. We ended up moving to Stockholm Sweden and his school here is even tougher than the one in the US. He has cut his training down to 8 hours per week and one tournament per month. He goes to Barcelona each summer for a couple of months and plays on the clay.

Watching his improvement this year it is pretty clear that he will not make it to a Junior Grand Slam. At 20+ hours a week he had improved from a 3 star 8th grader to a 4 star sophomore. To make a Slam you really have to be a blue chip. It is very difficult to improve from a 4 star to blue chip. He had a chance with the training schedule he set up but would have been very difficult.

This brings up an interesting question. Does anyone think a junior player can sustain the kind of work it takes to be a world class player without being “forced” or at least pushed very hard by their parents? One of the consistent messages I gave my son was this was his deal and his goal. I would support him all the way, but it had to be driven by him. I wonder if that philosophy has ever produced a world class player. My suspicion is very few kids have the drive necessary to sustain that level of effort for the 7 years necessary to pull it off without someone pushing.

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