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I played with the first Prince oversized racket, got lots of snotty comments like "no self respecting player" would ever use one. Later I played with the first Hammer rackets, also got a lot of ridicule ("Gawd, it's so THICK!").

I also learned how to ski on little short 36 inch skis, was skiing parallel within a week ("Look Ma, no poles!!"). When I took a pair of Head 5-foot skis to France, the instructors laughed out loud. Later, short skis became THE hottest thing since sliced bread. When parabolic skis came out, people fell down laughing, until they noticed that two skis placed together had the exact same profile as a snowboard. Now you can't give away skis that aren't "shaped". I know, 'cause I hauled some over to Goodwill yesterday.

That's OK. Winning is the best revenge.

BTW, I called Vortex and changed my order to the 133 model. Wait 'til the locals get an eyefull!! Of course, one of the guys in my weekly tennis group uses a 135 inch Outer Limits racket, and USTA just moved him up to 4.5. He'll probably want to try the Vortex first thing.
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