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Originally Posted by Carlo Giovanni Colussi View Post
The problem is that
I didn't accuse Pancho of vanity for correcting his name to its standard form
but because I thought
(wrongly due to a comment I read somewhere and given my ignorance in Spanish language)
that Gonzales considered his then name to be pejorative whereas it wasn't.

So what I wrote wasn't silly.

However apparently Gonzales's motivation wasn't a problem of misplaced pride as claimed in the article I read
but as you suggest a simple correction of a wrong mispelling.

Now I wrote both Gonzales or Gonzalez according to the circumstances given that
his official name was Gonzales before circa 1966
and Gonzalez since that date.

So Gonzales beat Rosewall in the 1960 world pro tour
whereas Rosewall beat Gonzalez in the March 1966 Madison Square Garden tournament.

Like I have written the Gonzalez family prefers you write their name with a z despite the date. So even if it's 1950, please use the z to respect their wishes.

What can I say, it's your choice.

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