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after reading all the hype in TT forums.. I had to try one for myself.. We demo the BLX PS 95 for my son but it's not as good as I thought so when we were there we bought the PD Standard L2 for him to play.. My 6 year old son hit awesome with this racket but for me it's quite light.. and the grip is big on Babolat compare to other brand.. so I went back and bought the PDR grip 1, string it up with VSGut main 45lb and RPM 40lb.. It plays much much better than the PD standard and it's still a little too light for me.. I play with a custom KPS88 395g for the past 4 years.. ..
PDR perform extremely well compare to the last 2 versions.. I hate Babolat but this PDR 2012 is nice..
After about 3hrs of play I felt my wrist and elbow stiffen a little bit.. Yeah, the racket feels very stiff even at that low tension.. next time I will try my old setup which is 40lb main on gut and 35lb main cross..
I am planning to put in a fairway leather grip, with few grams of lead at 3,9 and above the grip to crank up the SW and static weight a little bit..

The 1HBH perform great on this new PDR but my forehand kept hitting the net.. The volley touch is unbelievable good.. First hard flat serve is awesome but I double fault alot more than I used to with my KPS.. Even I crush the balls very hard but my wife told me it is not feel as heavy as my KPS88.. I think after the tuning every thing will click..

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