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Originally Posted by retrowagen View Post
I just picked up a T-4000 ... it has some sort of vibration-dampening gizmo under a domed buttcap end. Otherwise, looks like a T-3000 with its throat bridge.

Anyone know anything about this shiny banjo of a racquet?
If your 'tuning stub' is intact, take care of that rare thing! Most broke off pretty early in their lifetimes.

Your racket is essentially a T3000 with the added damper. MANY of us dangled a pinkie and a good chunk of the heel of our hand off the bottom of the handle, especially when serving. That 'dome' on the 4 and 5 series was distracting to many folks(who then removed it or just left it off when it inevitably fell off during play). When the damper was exposed, it broke off rather easily.

The black/chrome cosmetics of the 4 and 5 series looked quite a bit more 'sophisticated' than the cream, red, gold of the earlier T-series. I'd say the 4000 enjoyed a good year or so, but the subsequent models were never a factor in 'my' part of the world.
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