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Originally Posted by retrowagen View Post
Thanks for the useful info. On this particular specimen, it's in great shape, and the "radar dome" is intact. However, there is a rattle inside, like the proverbial jelly bean in the plastic Easter egg... I'm guessing this is not how the dampener works? It appears that the "dome" should unscrew from the bottom of the butt cap, but it only spins in place with some resistance, and no evidence of it wanting to unthread. Does it snap off? I don't want to damage it.

The frame has its original stickers still, including the one stating that it is only sold in Pro Shops! One wouldn't have found this on "Blue Light Special" at K-Mart!

Also, the previous owner of this frame (I found it in a thrift shop, of course) must have been a connoisseur of the finer things in life: it was strung in natural gut, with string tubing at every wire loop where the string touched it! Double super bonus points to whoever strung it; a T-series looks difficult enough to string up without tubing at every point of frame contact!
Wow, that IS quite a find! I'm almost certain the dome just pops off(more easily when you DON'T want it to, of course)...might even have a little indent to take a small screwdriver or similar to wedge it off. I'm afraid the rattle you hear is likely the end of the tuning stub, broken at the insert through the metal spacer at the bottom of the hairpin. Sorry I think it would be a rare animal indeed to have survived all this time(unless simply stored and never used/strung). You might be able to re-attach it with ShoeGoo or similar non-brittle adhesive.

Those came with a pretty nice perforated calfskin grip(black) if I recall correctly. The grip tended to overlap the 'equator' of the dome, sometimes even sliding off.
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