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Default Return Game & Effect of Dominant Eye

Are there any eye Specialists that play Tennis? After 25+years of research one of my many observations has to do with the fact there are very few players balanced out stroke production wise on both wings. My theory has to do with which eye is dominant. For example on the forehand side if you see better out of the right eye the player will unconsciously turn his head to get a better look at the ball. This means his turn will not be as natural on that side so his backhand will be better naturally. So, I have found contrary to Wegnerian philosphy the position of your feet is critical (open or closed stance) and the position of your shoulder turn allows for an Agassi type of shoulder **** which means less manipulation of the hands like Roddick's awful backhand on the swing. I would like to validate with a little more science if there is any out there. As teachers we need to overtrain the turn on the non dominant side.
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