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Originally Posted by vcat View Post
It's been my secret desire to get the bag check interview like on Tennis Channel. I'd go through my racquets, grips etc. and then unzip the minibar pouch and then follow that up with the thermal pockets which are great for keeping beer cold. but alas, I'm not a pro, but if I was...if I was...
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a few "minis" in my bag. But I have given up the diapers. Kids are potty-trained now.

My bag is actually bigger than it needs to be; it twas a rare "tennis" gift from dearest hubs. I do have my share of stuff...but, like Cindy I suppose, I do/have used it all at some point. Thing I get asked for the the most: the instant ice packs. Whether it's injury or over-heating, they're worth their weight in gold.
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