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Default Ole Miss/Virginia Preview

Ole Miss comes in to the match with a 5-2 record with notable wins against Oklahoma 4-0 and Auburn 5-2. Their 2 losses came against Tennesse 4-3 and Mississipp State 4-2.

Ole Miss Lineup:
-Nik Scholtz is 6'5 freshman from S. Africa with a 5-2 dual match record playing at #1 and 9-2 overall for the year. Notable wins against Florida's Sliliam and Kentucky's Musialek. Notable losses against Tennessee's Libietis and Kentucky's Rossi. Lost both of those matches 6-3 in the 3rd.
-Marcel Thiemann is a senior from Germany with a 5-2 dual record playing at #2 and 10-5 overall. Notable wins against Pepperdine's Hovhannisyan and Stanford's Ryan Thatcher. Notable losses were against UVA's Shane and UGA's Spencer and Singh.
-Jonas Lutjen is a junior from Germany with 5-2 dual record playing at #3 and 14-5 overall. Notable wins Oklahoma's Siributwong and Kentucky's Quigley.
-William Kallberg is a freshman from Stockholm with a 3-4 dual record playing at #4 and 6-5 overall. Notable win against UGA's Spencer at SEC Indoors. Lost 4 of last 5 matches.
-Chris Thiemann is a senior from Germany with a 3-3 dual record playing at #5 and 8-6 overall. Notable win against UF's van Overbeek at the SEC Indoors. Lost 3 of last 4.
-Johan Backstrom is a senior from Germany with a 5-0 dual record playing at #6 and 13-5 overall. Won 5 in a row.

Thiemann's are 5-1 in the dual season, Scholtz/Lutjen are 4-1, and Kallberg/Backstrom are 2-3.

I'd say Ole Miss's best shot at a point is in doubles. In my opinion they don't match up well at all against Virginia in singles regardless of whether Courtney is in the lineup or not. Ole Miss doesn't have the strength at the bottom that Mississippi State has.

Projected Lineup
#1: Thiemann/Thiemann vs Domijan/Rooda - Ole Miss 8-6
#2: Scholtz/Lutjen vs Jenkins/Oudshoorn - Ole Miss 8-5
#3: Backstrom/Kallberg vs Frank/Uriguen - UVA 8-5

#1: Scholtz vs Jenkins - UVA 6-4 4-6 6-2
#2: M. Thiemann vs Domijan - UVA 6-3 6-4
#3: Lutjen vs Frank - UVA 6-4 6-1
#4: Kallberg vs Shane - UVA 6-4 6-3
#5: C. Thiemann vs Oudshoorn - UVA 7-6 6-4
#6: Backstrom vs Uriguen - UVA 7-5 6-3

I'll go with Virginia in this one 6-1 after getting a run for their money today against Mississippi State.

Match gets underway at 3pm eastern/2pm central - Live Stats

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