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Default Babolat Tonic/ WeissCannon SilverString

String: Babolat Tonic/ WeissCannon SilverString
Frame(s): Microgel Radical MP
Tension: 60/54.

Aborted due to selling of the racquet : (

Trying my favorite S+V setup with a bit more quality.

Took my sweet time and no problems at all. Originally I had planned to string the Tonic at 58 but forgot to drop tension from 60 while calibrating my machine. Oh well, it'll be super crisp.

Control, Control, Control. I haven't played a stringbed this stiff in quite a while! Very stiff stringbed allows me to put the ball wherever I want it, which is really nice Feel is not terrible but not quite what my perception of gut is. You see the gut, you can feel the gut, but the response is still a bit too stiff for my liking. I think I'll be paying for my mistake on this one since the stringbed doesn't really look like it's going to drop in tension any time soon. I hope it'll break in. 57 on the mains is looking real good for next adventure.

Will hit more tonight.

Again, the key here is control. Stringing this tight in this frame lets me put the ball anywhere in the box. The big disadvantage is that there's a monster lack of power. Perhaps it was colder outside and I didn't really warm up but I don't really see a serve above 105 on this frame-- and that's really really pushing it. I'll try to get some numbers tonight with a speed gun. Didn't get a chance to test out slice but spin is positive too though the action on the ball is not exactly like BHB7.

Still need to play more.

Tension maintenance:
It's good quality gut and Silverstring... I'm expecting nothing but the best. Unfortunately for me, the string bed didn't loosen up at all overnight/ over my hit


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