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The larger strategy appears to be this:

Carry our shoes. 42 Total pairs in both mens and womens. We won't carry the lower priced Game shoes either. You have to buy the big boys, the expensive ones.

Oh, and by the way, if you want to carry our shoes you have to carry our crappy line of racquets. Oh, and 3 of each model for a total of 9 racquets. For a cost of about $1000.00 + about $2,000.00+ for the shoes for a total of $3,000.00+.

All the high-priced shoes and all the crappy racquets your store can handle. Oh, yeah, no apparel either. I thought this was all tennis? Hmm, how things have changed since my initial contact.

My thoughts are they can't make any money off the "cheap" shoes and apparel so they just won't offer them. But the story we hear otherwise is quite funny.

We were excited to carry Asics but after the presentation we received we decided not to. Pretty sad too because we had hi hopes with Asics.
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