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Your 2HBH looks far better than your forehand. I don't know why you run around it so much.

That said, it's only good when you have time to get your right hand in position, which isn't that often. That's because your ready position is to have your left hand in a FH grip and your right hand on the throat. That means that, in order to hit a 2HBH, you have to change the grip on both hands before you can swing, and that adds a lot of time to your backswing. Hence, you hit a lot of slice shots on balls that could be driven back if you had a faster preparation.

If you'd like to speed up your preparation so you can drive more 2HBH's, you can try changing your ready position so that your right hand is on the handle, set for a 2HBH, while your left hand is set with a FH grip. After every FH, put your right hand back on the handle; after every 2HBH, keep your right hand as it is but put your left hand back in a FH grip.

If you can get comfortably doing this, it will speed up your preparation time for your BH and allow you to hit a lot more driven shots off that wing. And like I said, you're quite good at driving those BH's.
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