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Wow, I thought someone would have stepped in by now with tips on your forehand.

Anyways, there seems to be somewhat of a disconnect between your upper body and your arm. Rather than working together, it's like one and then the other. So, you end up using your arm a lot more than you should.

You can see that when comparing your forehand to your backhand. On your 2HBH, your whole body works in unison as you drive through the ball. On the FH, your body only turns a little and then stops until your arm has gone through the rest of the swing and gets to the follow-through; or sometimes, your body moves early and your arm has to catch up.

Try hitting a few balls without using your arm at all. Hold the racket as loose as you possibly can at your side (like where it dips down when you swing), have a friend toss the ball over the net, and try to hit a forehand without flexing your arm muscles (basically, all legs and core). If you work your feet and core properly, you should be able to get your racket moving fast enough to pop the ball back over the net with a completely loose arm.

Once you can hit forehands using nothing but your legs and core, go back to rallying. You should feel your arm and upper body working more in unison.
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