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We all discriminate. I don't think there is any denying that. all of us has the power to descriminate, but only people in power have the ability to impse their beliefs. Just as an example. You ever heard of redlining? this is white bankds would keep blacks from moving into certain areas. When have you ever known blacks to have the power to do such a thing. Back in the day when Blacks couldn't go into certain parks, pools etc. That's imposing your beliefs as a race based on race. Now does that say all white folks are racist? No, infact, there were many whites that died during the civil right's movement that are left out of history for whatever reason. it took whites to put Barack in office. So the question is not are all white people racist, the question is what race has the power to impose their beliefs on another race. I think people today are better off because people with the old way of thinking are dying off and it's making for a much better place.

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Racism can be any measure of racial discrimination in any context. Racial bigotry is racial hatred.
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