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No, that was an uprising...pretty much like what you saw in South Central. Those people there are tired of being f'ked over and that is just the end result of a corrupt system. Can you imagine really what it would be like here for White people to out number blacks but Blacks be in control of everything and in all the decision making positions for the last 200 plus years? Sooner or later something is bound to jump off.
I will say this. If Blacks were in control the same as whites have been, I don't see anything that would stop them from doing many of the same things to whites as whites have done to blacks through the years. The question right at this moment though is this. Do Blacks have the power in this country to to do whites what whites have done to blacks. The answer is clearly no. So the question of can Blacks be racist in "this" country? I say no. If they were given the same power would they be? I don't see anything that would lead me to bellieve that Blacks wouldn't be racist. That's why you need diversity.

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That is exactly what has happened in South Africa and Zimbabwe.
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