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Default The black drive +

I knew I had to stop trying sticks and save that cash for tourneys and a reel of strings. So here I am with a stick that I was afraid would be too stiff and would vibrate my arm off.

I just wanted to go back to an xl racquet and this looked like a good option.

Well it is. I have stopped using poly just because I like this racquet so much. Babolat changed the feel is muted and very easy on the arm if you use a softer string. My choice so far is rip control, and I am loving the setup.

I added 3 grams of lead at 12 and it took the stick to the next level.

My serve is definitley aided with this racquet and it has made that part of the game fun for me again.

Who else uses this racquet? If you like tweeners, I'd put this on your demo hits a much bigger ball than the standard length.

Anyway..great job by babolat. I had to walk away from the APDC three times and a pure drive 2009 because of vibrations and hand pain..most of this was due to using poly (mistake by me), but they really made this one feel great.
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