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It's on my to-demo list. I used to play a lot with the PDGT+ and found myself in a long-term relationship with the APDGT+ last summer/fall. I like feeling like I can spin anything in with the APD, but missed the big, booming serves of the PD. As you know, I demoed the Juice Pro a week ago and absolutely loved it. Loved the weight, which I had not before. Loved the solid, tight string pattern that I could still get some pop out of. So that's got me thinking...should I give the weighted Black Drive + a try. How about the new PDR? Can I find the same solid feel and plow that the Juice had in a Babolat? Should I deviate from a full poly setup? So many questions.

I strung up one of my APDs today with OGSM to see how it would play. Believe it or not, I have NEVER put anything other than poly in APDs or PDs for fear of too much power. I even string it high at 60 and am lucky enough not to have arm problems. We'll see what it's like. The one constant for us is that nothing is ever constant. Good thing I stocked up on gift cards when they were on sale...
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