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I bought the new PD + when TW first had them available, and I got the pure driver bag also. Both are very nice.

I added some lead at 12 oclock and put on a new gel grip bringing the weight up to about 330g or 11.7 oz. I will continue to tinker with the setup a little, but it feels pretty good right now.

A great playing stick, I am quite impressed with the controlable power and easy swinging feel. Volleys also feel quite crisp and control is also good.

I have mine strung with natural gut mains at 55 and syn gut crosses also at 53.

Racquet comfort feels to be above average for this type of racquet. Yes, if you shank one off of the tip of the head it is going to feel a bit harsh, but most racquets do. It has a generous sweet spot and when you dial it in, it feels really sweet. Stiffness rating at TW is 70 but the "feel" to me is not particularly stiff.

Cosmetics are really nice and the QC seems to be well done also on the one that I have.

Overall, I really like this racquet!
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