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The Vortex arrived today, and I will be playing with it tomorrow night at a tennis party, might also try to hit with it a little bit during the afternoon.

It really is huge, with very nice black/yellow glossy paint scheme. It feels a tad heavier than I expected. The strings are not what I expected --- they are thick at 15g, but have a smooth surface, appear to be round. Not sure what makes them super 'spinny".

I immediately put a Power V grip on it, along with an overwrap. Can't wait to hit with it.

Meanwhile, I took my PowerAngle to have it restrung today, discovered the frame has a crack in it, next to one of the upper grommet holes. I suspect this is because the previous owner ignored the stringing instructions, strung it with Golden Set poly @ 60 pounds, when the instructions say the max is 53 pounds. Not sure whether the frame is repairable or not. Bummer.
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