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Originally Posted by Hitman99 View Post
The Vortex arrived today, and I will be playing with it tomorrow night at a tennis party, might also try to hit with it a little bit during the afternoon.

It really is huge, with very nice black/yellow glossy paint scheme. It feels a tad heavier than I expected. The strings are not what I expected --- they are thick at 15g, but have a smooth surface, appear to be round. Not sure what makes them super 'spinny".

I immediately put a Power V grip on it, along with an overwrap. Can't wait to hit with it.

Meanwhile, I took my PowerAngle to have it restrung today, discovered the frame has a crack in it, next to one of the upper grommet holes. I suspect this is because the previous owner ignored the stringing instructions, strung it with Golden Set poly @ 60 pounds, when the instructions say the max is 53 pounds. Not sure whether the frame is repairable or not. Bummer.

Hitman !!! Don't put the power V grip on !!!

There's is a very big learning curve .

The power V grip takes a lot of practice to get used to.

You will be hitting the ball over the fence.

I know the grip doesn't seem like a big deal .....but it's HUGE!!

You are changing the angle of the face of the racquet and you are gaining a sheetload of power. It takes time to control that power.

To play with a V grip for the very first time and use a new racquet is just too much to ask.

The racquet really looks huge because of the strings . But it's an optical illusion. Put it face to face with your 116 and you'll see that the difference is actually marginal.

Good luck!!!

Dying to hear your reviews ....especially about the power V you won't believe what a difference it makes. You will
Probably hate the grip. You will be spraying balls all over the place.....took me 6 months!
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