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Originally Posted by BULLZ1LLA2.0 View Post
You are one strike away from being on my ignore list.

And Nadal doesn't like coming to the net, regardless of his skill. Nadal said in an interview before this year's AO that he doesn't like serving at 130mph because he prefers more time to hit his first groundstroke. If he serves at 130mph the ball comes back faster, which he doesn't like. Same would apply to his volleys. He has great volley skills (just as he has the ability to serve big) but he doesn't feel as comfortable at the net as he does at the baseline so he decides not to come to the net (just as he decides not to serve fast).
Sitting 3 feet from the net and hitting a volley is literally the easiest thing in tennis and anyone can get decent at it very quickly if they have good reflexes. The difference between a skilled net player and an opportunistic net rusher is the half volley. IMO, the half volley is now the most difficult shot in tennis and its been pretty much abandoned as no man's land. You need to have a good and accurate serve, anticipation and great footwork. You also need to actually send a volley into corners with pace by redirecting low topspin passing shots from your ankles at the service line. Nadal rarely S&V even as a surprise tactic and his net play is basically drop volleys. OTOH, Fed does still S&V consistently when he is on a fast hard surface and he is quite good at it.
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