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Originally Posted by BobFL View Post
If you don't like Fed's game, you don't like tennis in its purest form. Period.
I fixed it for you a bit. but you had it right essentially.

But ...playing devil's advocate...I can see where non Fed fans are coming from.

I couldnt *stand* Graf back in the day. She had zero personality, and I didnt like her because she beat my hero Navratilova repeatedly. I understood that Martina was in the twilight of her career but it still didnt make it any easier to accept.

And then I couldnt stand Graf because she mowed down everyone and everything. I still maintain that the early 90's was a fairly weak era for women's tennis..but the few players that were there that could go toe to toe with her she just intimidated to rubble.

It was only as Graf got older and started to wane herself that I appreciated her game. Her athleticism, her forehand and that gorgeous backhand slice, her all court game.

I was honestly rooting for her in the Wimby final against Davenport.

Another player that it took me a long while to appreciate was Hingis. Icouldnt stand her arrogance and that damn creepy chucky smile of hers.

But as 'big babe' tennis began to ascend, I appreciated her immense variety, her strategy, ..she was a technician on the court. And I felt bad that she basically got blasted out of the game once those big hitters figured out how to play and specifically how to play her.

I was happy when she made that mini comeback and almost got back to the top ten.
"I'd like to see Fognini-Tomic, that would be a classic of bored nonchalance"-bjk
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