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Originally Posted by Wilander Fan View Post
Sitting 3 feet from the net and hitting a volley is literally the easiest thing in tennis and anyone can get decent at it very quickly if they have good reflexes. The difference between a skilled net player and an opportunistic net rusher is the half volley. IMO, the half volley is now the most difficult shot in tennis and its been pretty much abandoned as no man's land. You need to have a good and accurate serve, anticipation and great footwork. You also need to actually send a volley into corners with pace by redirecting low topspin passing shots from your ankles at the service line. Nadal rarely S&V even as a surprise tactic and his net play is basically drop volleys. OTOH, Fed does still S&V consistently when he is on a fast hard surface and he is quite good at it.
so tired of fools trying to say Rafa is a great volleyer.

he is competent and a great opportunistic volleyer. Edbergesque, he aint.
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