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I like Federer's game generally. I do find the Djokovic and Murray game more aesthetically pleasing (less jerky/"explosive", more fluid and/or flexible), but I realize this is all subjective.

His demeanor leaves something to be desired. When he is passionate he is fun to root for (although I only do against players I truly despise such as Berdych, Fish and a few others).

I think he is a good guy off the court. He could have had any super or glamour model but chose to be with the merely above average looking Mirka for many years. I didn't like how quickly he seemed to embrace the "greatest of all time" media chatter going as far back as 2005, and he seems to be a sour loser much of the time. But generally, he is a commendable sportsmen and I have no qualms with him.

I do have qualms with some of his "Federer as a religious experience" article-inspired fans, who are incapable of accepting the fact that Federer can lose a match to a player with an "inferior" playing style, and will generate all kinds of reasons to discredit the victor. You may say "oh every player/ team in the world has those kinds of fans", and while that may be true, they seem to be overrepresented among Federer and tennis fans as a whole based on my experience.
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