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Originally Posted by [d]ragon View Post
Federer is actually one of the hardest working players out there. It shows in 5 set matches when he's not huffing and puffing.
Federer actually has a lousy 5 set record. He's 114th on the career list at 18-16. Rafa has the best of active players at 15-4 and Novak is second at 15-5. Kohlschreiber, surprisingly, is 3rd.
Originally Posted by TTMR
I do have qualms with some of his "Federer as a religious experience" article-inspired fans, who are incapable of accepting the fact that Federer can lose a match to a player with an "inferior" playing style, and will generate all kinds of reasons to discredit the victor. You may say "oh every player/ team in the world has those kinds of fans", and while that may be true, they seem to be overrepresented among Federer and tennis fans as a whole based on my experience.
I find many of his fans much more annoying than Federer himself. To me, Fed's game is rather boring but I acknowledge that he's very good and there's no denying he's been extremely successful. As you say though, seldom will the Fed fandom give his opponents credit and it's not only because I'm a Nadal fan and get annoyed that he doesn't get recognition for his wonderful game. It's always the 'match-up'. Well if Fed has such trouble with Rafa's left handed game, why do other left handers never give Fed trouble? Lopez and Verdasco are two who have never gotten even one win against Fed, Melzer's won one. And does almost every other player on the tour have a bad match-up against Nadal? I mean, he beats them all regularly. It's fine to love Federer's game but it would be nice if some of his fans were a little more fair and realistic.
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