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Originally Posted by BrooklynNY View Post
hahahahah this might be the best topic ever.

No, I don't think you can truly hate his game. You can hate Federer, and everything else around him, (horrible competition, easy draws, arrogant statements,etc) but you got to say he does atleast play the game correctly/the way it's supposed to be played which is aggressive minded to some degree.

I wish he would play a more all court game and come in more, but I understand why he doesn't.

But yeah, I bet someone will come along and say they do.
Tell me again how you're supposed to be a Fed fan, LOL! Amazingly, Fed with all his oh so easy draws never faced a 237 ranked journeyman in Wimbledon SF.

BTW. There's no "correct" way to play the game, especially when we're talking about pros whose various different games have proven to be effective on the highest level, you don't any extra points for style and/or beauty.
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