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I tried to get some time on our club's ball machine, but it was booked until 5 PM. So I wandered over to the Wakefield tennis courts, hit a little bit against the wall, then practiced a few serves.

I had little trouble adjusting to the Power V grip on ground strokes, but found that I couldn't serve a lick with it, so I removed the overwrap and the Power V insert. However, I wasn't overly impressed with the 133 racket on serves. I wasn't able to generate much pace OR much spin. Might come with more practice.

Meanwhile, I also hit a few balls with the Metallix racket, strung with the PowerMaxx Light Touch natty gut string at 42 lbs. WOW! I got much more power AND spin with it, compared to the Vortex. My serves were effortless, but had lots of action and kick, with good pace. The stringbed also has a very nice damped feel to it, should be very arm friendly. I'm going to order some more of this string immediately.

When I got back home, the other Vortex ES108 racket was sitting on my doorstep. It is strung with old, worn out MSV Hex string, but JoeSh swears it still plays very well that way. We'll see. I defitiely don't want to keep poly in it, so I might have it restrung with the PowerMaxx strings, might consider a hybrid setup.

What I will probably do is play the first mixed doubles set, serve with the Metallix, receive with the Vortex 133. The second session is men's doubles, so I will play with the Metallix, unless I'm REALLY impressed with the Vortex. Last session is mixed again, so I might try out the ES 108.
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