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Wasnt Billy Martin supposed to becoem a huge star ? My dad was a fan of his and i think he always thought he would make it. What happened to him ?
Billy Martin was the top junior in the boys 16's and 18's. After that, my understanding is that he went to UCLA for 4 years and won the NCAA title in his last two years. Playing 4 years of college tennis generally means that he wasn't ready for the pro tour. He was a very steady, tenacious player that could win matches on clay. But, his serve was a bit soft and he had no real weapons.

PS: Just did a Google search. Billy Martin has been the head coach at UCLA for 19 years. Although he attended UCLA for 3 years, he only played for 1 year as a freshman and won the NCAA singles title that year. Oddly, when I saw him play Raul Ramirez, it was 1974, before he started playing at UCLA. He must have been playing as an amateur in that event. I also saw him play in the Jr. Orange Bowl tournament in 1973. If I recall correctly, he beat Butch Walts in the final.

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