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Mmmmm yes, the sweet taste of defeat! Xcel FO? Pah!


A little filament detail:

I honestly think that this is my new go-to setup. I really like how it plays, and it isn't too expensive. I will try out Hexy Fiber and Prince PA (got it in black). Overall though, I think this setup got about 6-7 hours of hitting on it before the crosses went. If it were the regular Xcel w/o the black coating, I bet it'd be much less time. Regardless, I do rather like the setup a lot. It's extremely linear, easy to string, and looks quite nice. Doesn't feel plasticky unlike some other polys. Very crisp. Not a GOAT setup by any means, make no mistake. Only natural gut can get that title and this obviously is not it. Nonetheless, for a non-gut, poly/multi hybrid, it's my favorite.

Oh, and for those who have forgotten, this was Signum Pro Tornado 1.23 / Babolat Xcel French Open 17g.

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