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I've had several over the last year but the most important ones:

- stay loose and use the body to swing the arm which swings the frame whether serving or hitting groundstrokes

- on volleys charge the ball, take it high if possible, and use you movement to drive the ball while punching/slightly slicing down behind the ball for accuracy and to keep the ball bounce low

- most important: the mind and feet are more important than the frame and swing since without ruthless focus and efficient movement you can't hit well no matter how nice your strokes.

- winning isn't just's technique, physique, and mind...a focused mind produces efficient technique which requires good physique and conditioning....fatigue can destroy technique...nerves can destroy technique...poor technique can drive nerves...poor technique can cause additonal fatigue...they're all related

- find your opponent's weaknesses, fears, and things that annoy him and focus ruthlessly on them and never let him see you tired, frustrated, angry, or demoralized...he will crack.
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