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Well here is mine, the one that only worked for a day and never again: having the racket handle above the racket head at contact. Similar to Djokovic. I was KILLING with my forehand. After a 2 day wait, I was clearing the fence. Embarassing. The "aha" moment that has stuck with me and made be much better even today, strange enough, its putting my thumb on the first bevel while hitting the forehand. Instead of wrapping it around the handle like everyone else does, and I used to, this allows me a smooth, Federer like motion that has about 5 inches net clearance and much better control. I lost to my friend, pretty badly. Beat him 6-4 6-3, then 6-1 6-2, 2 days after because he was infuriated. Next is my other friend whom ive NEVER beat before, but if i beat him this weekend, this will be the biggest "aha" moment in my 6 year tennis career! I'll keep you updated!
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