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I played with the 133 last night, and also again this morning. Everything that Volley King has said in this thread is pretty much accurate. Service returns and groundies are effortless, ball goes back to the baseline. Very good spin generation with basic strokes --- not outrageous, but very noticeable. I found the serve to be quite good, was able to generate good pace and spin without much strain. However, I am still not getting a dramatic "kick", and placement accuracy is just average. This should improve with practice.

Biggest improvement was with volleys and overheads. This racket was indeed made for doubles.

Despite the specs posted on the Vortex website, this racket does not seem to me to be head light, it actually feels a bit head heavy. It does appear to be HUGE, until you hold it next to a more normal oversize racket.

Re the question about MSV Hex, I haven't used it yet. JoeSh told me the 108 was strung at 50 lbs about two years ago, didn't mention the string gauge. I'm not really sure that I want to restring it with a poly string good for only 8 - 12 hours of play, even though the MSV Hex feels very soft and playable as is. I might try the PowerMaxx Light Touch natty gut at 40 lbs or so, see how I like it.
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