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I understand what Joe is saying .

Poly strings play pretty soft when they are dead. I personally like dead strings better than fresh new polys.

When you get a new poly job they are quite stiff and the tension only lasts a short time anyway. As opposed to dead strings they stay that way.

With dead poly you actually get a nice combination of a softer string but the spin potential of a poly. It's a personal preference.

As far as the 133 it's easy to see if it's headlight or head heavy. Just stick a ruler through the shaft . If it tilts downward with the head facing down then it's head heavy but if it tilts down with the handle side then it's head light.

The big disadvantage with that 133 is serving. I can basically only push the ball and that's why I don't use it. I also have a lot of trouble generating topspin .

It's for a player who has shorter ground strokes or a chip and charger.

For the right player it's the right stick.....but at the net it's really hard to get it by you. It's just a dream for volleying .

I think you will enjoy the 116 better because you can serve harder with it.....but be forewarned its not a great serving stick or topspin stick either .

For both the 116 & 133 you have to stop thinking about aces and start thinking that you will have to win the point on a volley. They are both lethal volley sticks.

The 108 & 100 on the other hand just does everything very well. No weakness .....just not as strong on volleys and returns as the 133 and 116.

I hope that helps? Can't wait for you to try the 108!!
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