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I've never had a Euraka moment centered on some technical piece clicking I was ever able to carry forward. I've had plenty of days when I was laying my wrist waaay back and drilling the forehand like Federer or Del Porto; and days when I could do anything with my serve regardless of whose mannerisms (Soderling's pronounced archer's bow, Pete's massive shoulder turn, Roddick's abbreviated motion into the trophy pose) I happened to be borrowing in myriad combinations on that day. But whenever I thought some watershed moment had finally arrived with respect to the mechanics of my strokes, the leap forward seemed somehow, after a few days, to have evaporated.

The biggest Eureka moment for me was discovering that winning over opponents whose skills were similar to mine has largely to do with simply embracing the fact that this is going to be a dog-fight and I am going to show you in so many little ways repeatedly that you will have to take this from me if you really want it.
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