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Originally Posted by Tim Tennis View Post
Thanks, you are so right. I'm even confused and I wrote it. Yikes

Tim ,'s been a battle but I would never go back to a regular grip.

I think you should come out with thinner versions and then build up to the thicker version you sell regularly .

It's such a radical change that people don't want to deal with it. You have to walk before you can run. That's why I told Hitman to first start off with one layer of mounting tale until he felt comfortable enough to use the thicker V grip you sell.

As you can see Hitman couldn't even hit one ball and ripped off the V grip. That's should be proof.

I personally did not give up because I saw how much more power I got . I thought to myself "all I need to do is control that power".

So I started with one piece of mounting tape then two then three until
I got to five . Now I use the V grip without a problem and my game has improved exponentially.

The Angeles I get on the continental grip at the net are amazing ! I never had that before. In fact I never even had topspin until the V grip. My serves are bigger with more angle. It's absolutely amazing! Thank you !

I don't know about the power grip 2 unless that's the softer version?
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