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If someone is bald and is sitting among people who have hair, I bet references to hairlessness is going to figure prominently in your insults if you think they warrant it, but does that mean you really have a thing about bald people?

This is the way of the world, but despite that ...

The fact is that his behaviour was impolite and borish and completely inappropriate anywhere in public, let alone a tennis court.

Originally Posted by DjokovicForTheWin View Post
'Jerk' was just an example. Could have been 'Effing Jerk' or stupid F jerk, etc, etc Doesn't matter. You are angry at them and the words you choose should stand for what you feel. There is no value in pointing out she is chinese for a purely anger standpoint. So what if she was female and Asian, what's the point in pointing it out??????? The only reason is if he were racist towards chinese. What does he gain by saying she is chinese? All he needs to do is look at her and call her 'stupid' or 'biche' or whatever. Why chinese?

Then he shouldn't have been fined for being racist, which he clearly was.
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