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Originally Posted by DjokovicForTheWin View Post
'Jerk' was just an example. Could have been 'Effing Jerk' or stupid F jerk, etc, etc Doesn't matter. You are angry at them and the words you choose should stand for what you feel. There is no value in pointing out she is chinese from a purely anger standpoint. So what if she was female and Asian? What's the point in pointing it out??????? The only reason is if he were racist towards chinese. What does he gain by saying she is chinese? All he needs to do is look at her and call her 'stupid' or 'biche' or whatever. Why chinese?

Then he shouldn't have been fined for being racist, which he clearly was.
I'm no native French speaker, so I can't think of words that are used like the word "jerk", which is more commonly used for men rather than women in English.

There is no point in pointing her race out of course, beyond the fact that it was his observation. She's Asian, so he thought she was Chinese. Then again, so would've anybody else. Calling her "chienne" (b_tch in French, IIRC) would've ostensibly made him a misogynist (and I wouldn't have thought so).

People forget that in the heat of the moment, we don't have the luxury of deliberated reasoning before we choose our expletives. If we had the luxury of rationalising our words, we'd have not said anything at all. Therefore pointing out the value or lack thereof of pointing out her race is irrelevant. We just use the words we use most often and try link it with the subject of our anger, and, in this case, since Llodra knew nothing about the woman besides her sex and race, it would've only been natural to use one or the other, or both. He chose race (and got it wrong).

He'd have been fined for being racist even if it were obvious to everybody that he wasn't, simply because it'd have been bad for PR to let an incident like that slide. Even more so the case because Llodra is white and male, and people love to accuse white men of racism. Hell, it's supposedly common practice for guilty "coloured" suspects to accuse policemen of racism when they get arrested.

Originally Posted by DjokovicForTheWin View Post
Then he shouldn't have been fined for being racist, which he clearly was.
Not the same. We can't penalise people for things they haven't done yet. We can however, penalise them for what they have done, in much the same way that we can't deprive potential criminals of the ability of being a part of society by locking them up in prison before they have actually committed a crime.
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