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Originally Posted by phnx90 View Post
I'm no native French speaker, so I can't think of words that are used like the word "jerk", which is more commonly used for men rather than women in English.

There is no point in pointing her race out of course, beyond the fact that it was his observation. She's Asian, so he thought she was Chinese. Then again, so would've anybody else. Calling her "chienne" (b_tch in French, IIRC) would've ostensibly made him a misogynist (and I wouldn't have thought so). People forget that in the heat of the moment, we don't have the luxury of deliberated reasoning before we choose our expletives. We just use the words we use most often and try link it with the subject of our anger, and, in this case, since Llodra knew nothing about the woman besides her sex and race, it would've only been natural to use one or the other, or both. He chose race (and got it wrong).

He'd have been fined for being racist even if it were obvious to everybody that he wasn't, simply because it'd have been bad for PR to let an incident like that slide. Even more so the case because Llodra is white and male, and people love to accuse white men of racism. Hell, it's supposedly common practice for guilty "coloured" suspects to accuse policemen of racism when they get arrested.
Fine so he keeps the observation in his mind, what's the point in explicitly saying she is chinese??????? What does he get out of it????? People wouldn't say oh look there walks a man on the street with shoes on. There is no point in saying he is wearing shoes out of the blue. And there was nothing Llodra could gain from making the out loud observation that she was chinese, unless it was racially motivated.

Even if Monfils said it, it would have been racist.

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