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Originally Posted by phnx90 View Post
Edited my post, but looks like you didn't see it yet, so here:

People forget that in the heat of the moment, we don't have the luxury of deliberated reasoning before we choose our expletives. If we had the luxury of rationalising our words, we'd have not said anything at all. Therefore pointing out the value or lack thereof of pointing out her race is irrelevant. We just use the words we use most often and try link it with the subject of our anger, and, in this case, since Llodra knew nothing about the woman besides her sex and race to distinguish her, it would've only been natural to use one or the other, or both. He chose race (and got it wrong).
That actually makes it even worse. It means it's part of his instinct. It's built into his brainstem and the racism is deep within him that even if he tries to reason his way out of it, he will never realize it. It's ingrained in his being. Scary.

p.s. I am certainly not trying to be self-righteous here. I may be no better than him and perhaps have done the same. Wouldn't change that I was racist.

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