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Originally Posted by DjokovicForTheWin View Post
Well it is being played in Israel, so most likely he is Jewish, but it's irrelevant as long as he believed the guy was Jewish. I'm not saying anything about French people, I'm talking about Llodra.
You are absolutely right. People of different cultures and different ethnicities should all be made to act the same. Otherwise we as "the good guys" can place labels on them like racist etc. That way we all keep our cultural differences, get along with each other, and allow each other to think and act differently.

Ya see how this works?

Or maybe we should just ignore people if they are rude or different and leave each other alone if we dont like them.

Do you honeslty think he should be fined money for calling someone chinese when he didnt understand she was Korean. So Lodra is rude and ignorant. Big deal, its not illegal to be rude or ignorant. If I call an Asian ....Chinese when they are Japanese should I be fined?

Sheesh. Maybe Lodra and this Asian chick should get married. They already have the lingo and banter down pat.
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