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Originally Posted by DjokovicForTheWin View Post
That actually makes it even worse. It means it's part of his instinct. It's built into his brainstem and the racism is deep within him that even if he tries to reason his way out of it, he will never realize it. It's ingrained in his being. Scary.
Look, I'll explain it as simply as possible, because you seem rather intent on making Llodra look like a diehard, pillowcase-wearing racist. If I told you that Llodra isn't actually Nadal, despite also being a lefty, would that help? :P

  1. Llodra doesn't know the girl's name
  2. All he knows is that the person is FEMALE and that she's ASIAN
  3. Most Asian people are assumed to be Chinese (partly because there are more of them than any other Asians, or anybody else for that matter)
  4. Since he can't call her out by name, he would've needed something else to describe her. Only her nationality distinguished her, so he chose nationality.
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