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Originally Posted by phnx90 View Post
Racism is basically hating on a race based on poor or no justifications (e.g. stereotypes).

If the woman took offence at being labelled a Chinese when she was not, wouldn't that make her the racist? What's wrong with being Chinese?

There are probably in excess of 2 billion Chinese people in the world, including those living overseas and those living in Special Administrative Regions (SAR) like Hong Kong and Macau. Chances of assuming an Asian to be Chinese and getting it right is very high. In fact, you could even say Llodra's unlucky that the woman wasn't Chinese (unless it's one of those people who are ethnically Chinese and think they are Canadian, having lived there for a grand total of about 4 years; I hate those people).

Merely adding the word "****ing" before "Chinese" doesn't make the overall sentence/statement racist. The word is used as an emphasis and nothing more.

Besides, it's not like he could've stopped to ask her name, age, sex (because you know, you could offend transvestites, transsexuals and hermaphrodites who possess most or all the characteristics of a woman, but are not, applying the same logic), nationality, ethnicity and sexual orientation, before mouthing her off on (inter)national TV, right?
You do realize that many of the different Asian nationalities and/or ethnicities nearly hate each other, dont you...

To call any Asian, Chinese is quite ignorant and can be highly insulting!
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